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ODEN Health Solutions Inc. is a medical device company offering harm reduction solutions to reduce the number of deadly overdoses in Canada. In the last five years there have been over 21,000 deaths due to opioid overdose. Of these deaths, 78% had no associated emergency call, and over 70% of those occurred in people using drugs alone. Recently, social distancing guidelines and closure of other harm reduction services have led to an increase in overdose deaths, especially in those using drugs alone.

ODEN has been working on a self-contained wearable device that is capable of monitoring vital signs of users, detecting opioid overdoses, and notifying emergency services of the overdose in order for the user to receive life saving treatment. In addition to detecting and notifying emergency services in the event of an overdose, the device will also record the vital signs of the user, as well as the location and time of the events in order to better understand the physiology behind overdoses, as well as where and when they are happening in order to better allocate emergency services.

The device will have the ability to work in a self-contained manner, without the need to connect to other smart devices. This offers the life saving ability to device to all people, without the need of other technology. This device will also be wearable and discrete, following the design of many other smart watches and health and lifestyle devices.

ODEN is dedicated to harm reduction and preventing deadly overdoses. ODEN looks to support people who use drugs, organizations supporting drug users, harm reduction services and healthcare providers. The health and safety of Canadians is a paramount concern of ODEN, and ensuring life saving care is available to all Canadians, no matter economic situation, social situation or geographical location.

ODEN's team is comprised of individuals with experience in medical device design and substance use disorder. The team is dedicated to to creating a product that is easy to use, reliable and can reduce the number of people dying due to opioid overdoses. Please visit our Meet The Team page to learn more about our devoted team. 

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